AFFF (Aqua Film Forming Foam): It is made in different concentrates that can be manufactured to produce low, medium and high expansion foam. It is a foaming agent that can be used effectively in stations containing dangerous liquid substances, fuel oil and petrochemical fires.

Aqueous Film-Forming Foam (AFFF) concentrate extinguishes flammable and combustible liquids such as diesel fuel, crude oil and gasoline, and quickly suppresses and secures fires. Applications include ships, airport rescue, refineries, storage tank farms and other operations involving the transport, handling or handling of flammable liquids.

It forms a protective layer on the liquid surface by forming a film layer. It provides extinguishing by preventing air or gas transfer. In addition, with the cooling effect after extinguishing, it prevents the heat in the environment and re-flashing. It provides rapid spreading thanks to its low surface tension.

It can be produced at 1%, 3%, 6% using salt water. The tank is sold by the gallon or by the ton. AFFF foam prices may vary depending on the concentrate. During foam price research, AFFF foams create a base price and make a good comparison element.

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