AR-AFFF Foam Concentrates: AR-AFFF Alcohol Resistant Aqueous Film Forming foams are particularly effective for extinguishing and securing flammable hydrocarbon and polar solvent fires. It combines water-soluble polymer with AFFF surfactant technology.

High-risk facilities such as refineries, pharmaceutical factories, process areas often require AR AFFF foams. AR-AFFF, Alcohol resistant fire foam depends on normal polymers, which contain water-solvent substances, for example, protein fluoroprotein and furthermore liquor insoluble substances that hasten insoluble boundaries inside the foam structure. It rapidly shapes a film to stifle quick spreading fires. It gives post-fire security its consume back opposition.

It shuts the outer layer of the fluid and cuts off the contact with oxygen because of its film-shaping component, forestalls back-consuming and makes it go out in a brief time frame. It is reasonable for use on Class An and B fires, on Polar solvents and synthetics (CH3)2CO, IPA, PP oxide, MEK, MTBE, TBA), Chemical and Petrochemical enterprises, Airports. AR-AFFF concentrates are appropriate for use on both huge, Class B hydrocarbon and polar dissolvable fuel fires, including such energizes as alcohols and ketones.

The foam arrangement might be utilized under either delicate or intense application (Type I and II). Liquor Resistant Aqueous Film-Forming Foams are reasonable for speedy extinguishment of huge scope class B fires. The fluid foam would typically be annihilated rapidly on water-solvent powers.

AR-AFFF specialists contain polymers, that shapes a defensive film between the consuming surface and the foam cover. This foam cover impedes the oxygen which supply the fuel in fire, seals the fuel surface and forestalls the arrival of fuel fumes. AR-AFFF film forestalls foam breakdown by alcohols in the consuming fluids.

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