FluoroProtein Foam Concentrates (FP)

Fluoroprotein foam concentrate (FP) fuse fluorochemical added substances in protein-based froth details to upgrade firefighting execution with further developed fire knockdown, fuel resilience and fume concealment on Class B hydrocarbon fuel fires, for example, gas and benzene.Fluoro Protein is specific for Hydrocarbon B Fire which covers oil, flight fuel fire by quick fire knockdown including great similarity to all sort of dry synthetic powder.

Foam containing fluorinated surfactants in a painstakingly planned protein froth fluid base. This guarantees the creation of balanced out liquid froth which will cover a consuming hydrocarbon fuel surface quickly. Since the water-insoluble unsaturated fat zinc cleanser is added, the water dissolvable is successfully kept from being broken up in the water in the froth, and the froth is secured, and the froth can be solidly covered on the outer layer of the dissolvable fluid to give a fire dousing impact.

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