CAFs system foams are fire foams that can be used to suffocate vehicle fires. CAFs (packaged air foam system) with high pressure shower tools are sold by the Gallon or by the tank. Class A foams, Class A and Class B CAF foams are concentrated as they are suitable for vehicle suffocation activities in areas where fire can spread rapidly, for example manufacturing plants, warehouses, corner shops, train stations, agricultural establishments.

It is suitable for use in aircraft, firefighters, fire helicopters and vehicles with CAF systems in disasters such as Woodland fires. Class B foams can be used in fire trucks with CAF systems, especially fuel oil, oil based fires and hydrocarbon based fires. For example, they are suitable for establishments such as paint industry facilities, fuel stations, petrochemical facilities.

Quality Compressed Air Foam Systems (CAFS)

CAFs is an abbreviation of "compressed air foam systems". It is a vehicle or machine having fire foams to be used in special types of fires. CAFs can be seen at airports, big complexes such as factories. CAFS Compressed Air Foam Systems are independent saving energy for fire concealment units which have the additional capacity to infuse packed air into the foam respond for create a strong fire attack and saving foam.

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