Training Foam Concentrate is designed to simulate AFFF or FFFP for training purposes. It is not intended for live fire training or real firefighting operations. These Fluorine-free formulations are ideal for training exercises and fire truck testing with low cost and minimal environmental impact. Fire foam used in training does not give all the characteristics of AFFF or FFFP. While the foam is not expected to have a real effect during the training, it is requested to be purchased at the most economical and cheapest prices due to the amount of wasted or overused. The chemicals we have produced as Fatsa Kimya since 1978 are used in every region of Turkey. Training foam concentrate is preferred for applied training in firefighting drills and firefighter training. After completing all the stages, the candidate gets his certificates from the Fire Brigade training center and starts working in the field. They can easily use a wide variety of fire foams produced according to the relevant article, thanks to the training foams they apply in training.

es for firefighting exercises

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