Fatsa Kimya, Alcohol-Resistant Film Forming FluoroProtein (AR-FFFP) foam concentrates are used to extinguish and secure flammable hydrocarbon and polar solvent liquid fires.

Fluoroprotein (AR-FFFP) C6 foam concentrate,
Together with FluoroProtein (FP), they provide an adhesive foam cover with high heat resistance.

ALCOGEN is an alcohol resistant film forming fluoroprotein fire fighting foam concentrate for extinguishing and securing flammable hydrocarbon liquid fires and as “alcohol resistant” foam, creating a polymeric membrane on polar solvent fires. It provides reliable performance even on the strongest fuels. The protein based provides a adhesive foam blanket with high resistance to heat that quickly smoothers, cools and seals the risk. Its excellent fire fighting performance on all kind flammable liquids, low or medium expansion, provides maximum security in both mobile fire fighting and stationary fire protection.

You can obtain high quality Fluoroprotein (AR-FFFP) varieties from our company.

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