High expansion foams are produced in a structure that allows the foam water mixture to expand at high rates by mixing with air. There is no need for intermediate apparatus at the ends of the dispenser system of this foam, as in the dispenser heads (sprinkler).

With its special design and internal structure, the foaming agent can expand up to 1 to 800 thanks to its high-expansion cell structure.High expansion foams are the best foam extinguishing agent for aircraft manufacturing plant, hangar and solid waste collection facilities, as well as for flammable, hazardous material, flammable liquid tanks.

Its use has been widespread for many years. The extinguishing principle of high expansion fire foam is based on the principle of extinguishing the foam solution by expanding the foam solution by 1 to 800 by the foam generators, filling the foam at a sufficient height in the application area and covering the area.

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