Fluorine Free Foam (F3) - Ecofriendly Firefighting

Anyplace there are a lot of combustible materials, you should have the option to extinguish fires quickly to save human lives. AFFF is utilized as a component of fire concealment frameworks and in crisis reactions at substance plants, petroleum treatment facilities and apparatuses and prominently in flying activities.
AFFF type fire extinguishers leave no powder buildup, they are viable on Class A and Class B fires.

There are two fundamental kinds of water-type fire quenchers, Loaded Stream, and Foam. We likewise offer Water Mist fire quenchers. Flourine free foam concantrate is used on Class A flames. Anti-freeze foam charge can be added to give freeze to - 25C, securely.It tends to be applied to Class B fluid spills to forestall start. They are great for crisis first reaction vehicles.

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