Protein Based Foam Concentrates are specialists basically created from normally happening hydrolyzed proteins. These are joined with froth stabilizers (metal salts), bactericide, erosion inhibitors, freeze insurance added substances and solvents to make the froth concentrate. Protein foam is also known likewise with alcohol safe (AR) abilities. Fluoroprotein foams show great burnback opposition, which are helpful for hydrocarbon fume concealment.

It's been perceived as viable fire extinguish concentrates for subsurface infusion into hydrocarbon fuel capacity tanks. Protein-based firefighting foam give a powerful froth cover to Class B fire and fume concealment. Furthermore, Fluoroprotein (FP) and Fluoroprotein Alcohol Resistant (FPAR) foam acts likewise incorporate fluorochemicals and polymer added substances to improve the foam's heat knockdown and hinder its fuel conservation.

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