• What is Fire Fighting Foam?

    Foam is a dense composition of air-filled bubbles. Foam consists of three components: Foam, Water and Air. Foam solution is obtained by mixing the proportioned water with the foam concentrate. Mixing of the foam solution with air is achieved by passing it through foaming devices.

  • When Was Fire Fighting Foam Invented?

    Fire fighting foam was invented by the Russian engineer and chemist Aleksandr Loran in 1902. Impressed by large, difficult-to-extinguish oil fires that he had seen there, Loran tried to find a liquid substance that could deal effectively with them. He invented fire-fighting foam, which was successfully tested in experiments in 1902 and 1903.

  • Types of Fire Extinguishing Foam?

    There are two main types of fire extinguishing foam as Class A and Class B. Class A foams are used to extinguish fires caused by wood, paper and brush. Class B firefighting foams are especially used in areas such as airports, storage tanks, terminals, petroleum or chemical product processing facilities, military facilities.

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