1- Unlike water, the density of the foam is lower than the density of the burning liquid. Therefore, it has the property of buoyancy and forms a tight foam layer without holes.

2- This foam layer prevents the air (oxygen) from reaching the burning liquid and suffocates the fire.

3- Suppressing the fire in this way also prevents any gas leakage. Otherwise, these gases may ignite due to contact with the atmosphere and re-oxygenation.

4- Due to the high rate of water in the foam, the fuel surface and the metal surfaces around it start to cool rapidly and make the situation controllable.

5- The film-forming material in FFFP type, AFFF type and B Class foams breaks the ignition chain and prevents ignition hazards. Synthetic foam concentrates can be sold under the name AFFF because of their similarity to film-forming foams. Please confirm whether it is a filmmaker or not before purchasing the filmmaker product.